Rainbow Cupcakes is a place where you can have
any cupcake you can imagine, it is a place that
you will love to come back to. All our sweets are
made from scratch with the freshest ingredients
and lots of love.

At Rainbow Cupcakes you can design your own
cupcake, choosing from a wide variety of
different flavours of cakes, filled with our
delicious creams, mousses and jelly; you also can
select to put any kind of our fluffy and creamy
icing flavors for the top. This can be done right
on site and you will go with your own designed
cupcake. This amazing cupcakes taste between
grandma's desserts and summer on a tiny cake,
eating one will awake every single one of your

We can be there for you next special event.
Imagine that you can have different custom
design cupcakes around a beautiful cake. We also
offer different sweets and custom cakes for your
special occasion.
We recommend you try us out.

IMAGINE Eating a Cupcake NOW !